Innovations We spell, bound to lead.

Meant for challenges to perform, Avererions dare spellbound success through solar initiatives. Being in research of betterment, best is least but not last parameter for us. Smaller or bigger too, every, Project is our determination of today for Milestones to be ranked forever.
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Solar Professional

We have bulk of solar updates to activise professionally regarding customized solutions to benefit end user. Also EPC status make this assurance to provide you platform for intervene society as well as authorities.

Serving You Better

Our vision is build nation stronger and smarter and taking initiatives from customers, We link & offer distinct Liaisoning to hasslefree or friendly networking to serve you better.

Serving You More

Our mission is optimistically step higher ranks to accessbound success. We entrust stake holders to render awesome returns longlasting to serve you more.

Averer Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is engaged in designing outcomes for production and awareness of solar energy. It provides all segment EPC through woven network and alliances worldwide. Also clientale rank us to well equiped with solar professionals harvesting energy, efficiency and expertise from meeting you to commissioning.Our determination still helps you to depend on strategic & standards proven records from projects completed.MNRE guidelines or specifications always meet our priorities.

Company have achieved better in short span and ready for strengthening it’s wing of solar perfection to meet all sort of project- customised or mega infrastructure.

Workmanship itself is utmost regard to humanity and Mission we hold is service industry at it’s best. We still feel energetic to frame innovations through:

1. Presenting and being one amongst SOLAR EPC’s.

2. Converting technologies to benefit user as previledge owner .

3. Leading and emergiing planet for green revolution .

4.Proficiency in timevalued instant or channelised alliance.

We envision a world where all people – even in the most remote areas of Great India – hold the Solar  &  IT power to create opportunity for themselves and also for the society.Our vision is not less than realizing the

1. Full potential of the Internet — access worldwide.

2. Research and implementing full participation in culture.

3. Driving a new era of avererions one million.

4.Growth as well as  productivity for becoming a MNC in 2018.