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How can we save electricity Automatically?


Today saved is earned well for tomorrow. This perception is not only recommendable, but also we have to practicise it as a theme to win future too. In the energy context for Solar, day by day, it’s deemed necessary to save energy all possible ways, we can.

We produce electricity at lower rates as even free due to sun rays are unpaid like other origins need transfer or transportation volume to get in use, but it will be costlier if we don’t pay attention on losses, leakage or carelessly using without any purpose to utilize.

Here are some preferable steps to be taken in our behavior or practicing life as per need of energy thy moment for utilities kept in use:

Office Corridor:

  1. PC or Laptop & UPS LAN
  2. Charging & Power Back up
  3. Printer or Lab apparatus
  4. Lighting and Demo Stage
  5. Office & Voluntary Mess

Solar potential is utmost sunlight and radiance throughout daytime and meantime energy requirement is maximized to conserve it through mindset or habit to save it. Because, in office staff’s is an outsider or at home people are closer to us, but energy saving theme works through the spirit to eye on cutting costs then of rudely following.

For Instance, in office PC or laptops are mind growing to update things doing on and way seems to save electricity is shutting down these when not required to continue.

Charging points to charge mobiles or else gadgets and power back up UPS are much Needed continue until the  office is closed for the next day. Printer & Lab apparatus may keep unoperating till they come to need a moment. Lighting & demonstration particles are much perceptive due we less care daylight to be Used or often We use old products to  cost higher usage then of cost per particle.

Often kitchen or Mess in offices makes bigger losses due mistaking or careless staffing to enroute priorities.


  1. Get to Use accessories
  2. Lighting & Decoration Worthy
  3. Lower Usage Electrical Appliances
  4. Medium Usage Elec. Appliances
  5. Higher Usage Electrical Appliances

Likely office to work on time or working in set priorities, the home is considered for comforts along with pendency to perform. Meanwhile, at home electricity saving is also most concerning because as We do, followers / home people react or act accordingly.

First of all important is to see wire lines made prompt regarding the flow of power where the required then of pointed to every wall. Get to use accessories are Instruments & appliances get used day or by nights.

For instance, Room lighting must ensure proper voltage towards decoration made. We can say walls should bear light shades/colors and curtains should matching same for using low Voltage CFL or Focussed LED lights imagined to showcase display. Daytime also without electricity, we could enjoy daylight because of keeping harmony.

Now we come to use particles or appliances getting involved our daily home living. We differentiate them in three major part: L>M<H.

L is for Lower electricity or solar energy consuming equipments or appliances like Bulbs, Fans,Tubelights,Charger of gadgets etc.

These impart less attention, but role continue to care for. May it be 10% of our bills, but neglecting these may lead higher usage if attention is not paid well to use when most required.

M is for Medium electricity or solar energy consuming equipments or appliances like DVD/LCD, TV or Desktop (PC), Fridge etc.

These are modern life’s luxury, but somewhere roles as necessity wherever getting in use. The saving of electricity means less then of loosing them to access or buy again.

H is for higher electricity or solar energy consuming equipment or appliances like geyser, mixer, Iron, Oven, Washing machine,Cooler & Air Conditioner, etc.

These are preparatory all whether moderate or normal families. Education and showcasing have made all aware to use latest as well as traditional equipments to facilitate working faster and precisely. The saving of electricity is just lesser or least use to decide it’s compatibility due each have Sobor or a different mindset to keep self esteem within changes day bye or according to the place where he is owned or kept hired.

As per load in use by distribution system, apparently this would be advised to use higher usage appliances before 10 am or after 10 pm as office workings need lots of electricity and rate’s count are the higher side towards meter rotation.

Thus conclusive ways always open to produce more energy and likely save it through necessity. Save energy should be a habit then of imposing rules about. Solar system is organized & independent to perform acquiring no higher costs to run home, office or industry; so here We look forward to see you intense more saving then of paying for power generating. Surely, You would enjoy conserving through methods You know well.


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