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Avérer means challnges to reveal and in SOLAR prospect, You be sure that beholding Your dreams toward shaping; We are behind you always. Energy solutions and Green Environment are exploring it’s depth specifically. We are here to stepping you higher & enriching you system suppport likely.

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Dayworthy use of solar rays make You sustainable for nighttime’s requirement at your ownership. It’s onetime investment, enables you be free of payouts for electricity bills and measures lower cost too.


Worldwidely movement has to come like Information Technology used today. Governments took initiative since last decade for converting roofs & Fields to produce energy through Solar Photovaltic system. There are tax exemptions, lower interest rates and manyways subsidies help citizens to gain it as Solar system work for You.


Ecofriendly environment is today’s utmost priority to keep hands for saving earth Planet.Solar eduwave is also an Avérer concern for educating people to get understand the SOLAR and apply it for daily use.

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“ Here, I am going to share a benevolent experience with you guys, I have always been searching Innovative people which met as Averer Technologies and their services. I never thought of that I will find all this type of solar services. Thank you so much for work sustainable way, getting solar set up and I would feel great about it.”

Deep Mirani

“All the services offered by Averer Technologies are attentive and effective. The team from the Averer was very helpful and efficient too. The command throughout the installation process and energy saving display, I have hardly ever seen on the other location. Thanks Averer Team for making my way Solarful.”

Arjun Lal Meena

Proprieter Balaji Constructions

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